Hard work.


After working all week and with the temperature dropping again when i thought we were over the worst of the weather, getting back into the pool is hard work. And after not going swimming for a couple of weeks and trying to remember all the techniques and intricacies, and trying not to drown, and getting out of the pool after 45 minutes knackered, it all seems to be a bit like hard work. But when i was getting changed in the locker rooms and thinking about it, i suppose that’s the point. Concentrating on everything and pushing the body to go just a little bit further than before, and doing something when a lay-in would be SO much better, and then getting the reward of being that little bit better than before, is so rewarding and gives the encouragement to get out the door the next time.

Whilst in the pool, and after looking at instructions on Youtube (which is such an amazing resource of free stuff to educate), i tried my first tumble turn. To see the whole pool flip over under water was a bit like WHOAH, that’s pretty cool! My feet were no-where near the wall of the pool for me to push off but still, it’s a start. I tried 3 more times to no avail but hey, it’s another thing to learn. And my googles started to leak. Bummer.

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Getting out there…

I’ve had this week off work and that is always a good thing but i have not done any exercise as i’d hoped to do as i have just been too busy. Saw my son on the Isle of Wight, went to a funeral and painted 2 bedrooms (with the help of gorgeous girlfriend) that really needed to be done…but today (Saturday) i got out there. After getting a new pair of trainers cheap in the sale (Sketchers Gorun (mark1) reduced from 70 to 40 nicker, free delivery!) my motivation was enough to get me out the door. The heel drop is 4mm, or so they say, which means that as i stand, it feels like there is no heel at all, and this is designed to encourage landing on the mid or ball of the feet. They feel like there is nothing on the feet and i can’t believe how light they are! Anyways, really comfortable and less achey on the joints, but jeez, after landing on a large stone i realised that the soles are quite a bit thinner! Nevertheless, very happy with them.


Snowing as i went out the door just gives the feeling of being a bit hardcore…rock on! 5.5 miles in 50 mins 46 secs. Bit laboured but hey, its cold outside! Swim tomorrow morning… 🙂

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“I think anyone who does any type of sports, especially endurance sports, at some point in that event for all of us sucks. You think, “What the hell am I doing? This is terrible.” And that is the key, I think, in the race, for everyone. You talk to someone after a race and they don’t tell you about the good points, they tell you about the difficult times. And that’s the hook. That part that sucks, it’s actually the best part, it’s the most critical part of the race. I say the best way of dealing with that is to embrace it. Say, “This is what I do it for.” And when you take a positive mindset with that single point in the race, that suck part, and you embrace it and it becomes easier, and the result becomes better. It’s what I do it for. This sucks, but you’ve gotta love it. Don’t quit—embrace it.

Chris McCormack

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Last week i went swimming for the first time this year, and for the first time in at least 3 months and something strange happened. I started swimming as normal and for 2 or lenths at a time, i stopped as usual to take a breather. A thought came back to me of something my girlfriend said about when i’m running. When running and i get tired, what do i do? Well, i don’t stop, i just slow down. So i did this in the pool, concentrated on technique and i just carried on for about 20 lengths of a 25 metre pool – half a kilometre in fact! Loved it, felt SO GOOD!

And then last Sunday, to replace my lost swimming book, i bought a newly released one called Swim Smooth by Paul Newsome and Adam Young. After reading the start quickly and taking out a couple of hints and tips, i went swimming last night after work; SUPERB! One of the ideas was to imagine a smile drawn on the palm of your hand and when said hand is entering the water in front crawl, always make sure the smile is facing the wall behind you in the pool; briiliant! I did not count the lenghts but more or less swum for about an hour…i think i’m onto something here!

ps. i’ll let you know a bit more about the book “Swim Smooth” after i’ve read it for a bit…laters!

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Long time since i’d last blogged…

Yep, it’s been a while since i’ve been on here, and the longer i leave it the harder it has been to return, so i’ve jumped in and started typing! To really start again, i think i should do a concise catch up of te last 2 or 3 months so here goes…

In October my swimming was going okay but still i was struggling a little. I was using a book called Total Immersion by Terry Laughlin which made a huge difference to me. Sadly, the book went missing…after narrowing the options, i think i put the book down in a rush in the recycling box, forgot about it, and threw it out. Knobhead!

At the start of November i strained my Intercostal muscles which are inbetween my ribs. Emergency x-rays pinpointed the problem and i was off work , exercise, lifting, etc for 3 weeks). During this time of extreme boredom, i started to smoke. Not a lot, just 2 or 3 roll-ups a day, but this was enough to demotivate me through November to the middle of January. From there, i knew i had to make a start to my first sprint triathlon in June, the Blenheim Triathlon. And i’m back! 🙂


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Two steps forward, one step back.

I had a pain recently….a large pain, in the chest, at work. So after leaving my job halfway through the day and rushing myself to the doctors, who told me to rush myself to A&E, and after getting slightly worried, and after having 2 x-rays and 4 ECG’s, i was told i had intercostal muscle damage, which sit’s inbetween the ribs. So everytime i breathed or drove or sat down, it hurt. After being told what i had, i was relieved, of course, but now i’m very, very bored…

I’m halfway through 2 weeks off work trying to get better. No running, no swimming and no biking. And the swimming was going so well. I could get up to 1 kilometer, albeit in bursts of 100 metres. Building up slowly is the key, my plan for my first triathlon next year on course and now my newly crowned 40 year old body lets me down with something i do not know how i got but probably related to work. Ho hum!

Silver linings are stereo, decks, computer and all are finally properly connected, i’m now on the 3rd series of Breaking Bad (it is SO good!), and yes, being lazy is, i guess, sometimes good for you! XX

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RAAR! Down the swimming pool and in the water by half six am, a couple of lengths later and everything i’ve learnt from lessons and books and the amazing amount of stuff available on the internet slowly trickles back into my slowly awaking brain. I stop for 15 seconds or so every 100 metres (YAY!) to take a quick breather and carry on. Last week i got up to 700 metres so i try to match that; i do. Still feeling good so carry on for another couple of lengths, and then another, and , before i know it i’ve got up to 1km. I FEEL SO GOOD! I get out of the pool, get on the phone to my brother, tell my girlfriend and generally will be bouncing of the walls all day. RAAR!

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