Hard work.


After working all week and with the temperature dropping again when i thought we were over the worst of the weather, getting back into the pool is hard work. And after not going swimming for a couple of weeks and trying to remember all the techniques and intricacies, and trying not to drown, and getting out of the pool after 45 minutes knackered, it all seems to be a bit like hard work. But when i was getting changed in the locker rooms and thinking about it, i suppose that’s the point. Concentrating on everything and pushing the body to go just a little bit further than before, and doing something when a lay-in would be SO much better, and then getting the reward of being that little bit better than before, is so rewarding and gives the encouragement to get out the door the next time.

Whilst in the pool, and after looking at instructions on Youtube (which is such an amazing resource of free stuff to educate), i tried my first tumble turn. To see the whole pool flip over under water was a bit like WHOAH, that’s pretty cool! My feet were no-where near the wall of the pool for me to push off but still, it’s a start. I tried 3 more times to no avail but hey, it’s another thing to learn. And my googles started to leak. Bummer.

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